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  • Learn, laugh, and re-energize your "engine" as you watch the authors "in action" with these entertaining, yet informative video modules.
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What's this course about?
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New to the Alert Program®?

Internationally recognized Alert Program® authors, MarySue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, have been observing, supporting, and teaching about self-regulation for decades, so no surprise they've created a one-of-a-kind online learning experience where you will stay alert and focused while having fun! MarySue and Sherry have lectured extensively across the country and internationally for over 20 years. They have published outstanding books, songs, and games relating to self-regulation. Their evidenced-based program is so valued that it is included in occupational therapy textbooks.

MarySue and Sherry have developed practical TherapyWorks2ways to teach people of all ages how to incorporate sensory integration and "sensory diet" concepts into every day living.

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) recognized their professional contributions by honoring them with the "Excellence in Intervention Development and Dissemination" Award in June 2003.

Since 1990, the Alert Program® has been teaching parents, teachers, and therapists to be "detectives" learning how to use simple sensory strategies, placed in routines at the right time, in the right way, to set up nervous systems for success!...And having a huge impact on children’s and adult’s ability to attend, learn, relax, and work.

This online course is intended for a variety of professionals, including occupational therapists (OTs), certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA's), physical therapists (PTs), physical therapy assistants (PTA's), speech/language pathologists (SLPs), teachers, teacher assistants, paraprofessionals, administrators, social workers, counselors, and parents. All who participate will glean new information whether or not they have tried using the Alert Program®.

Whew, that was a mouth full....

If you are new to the Alert Program®, we have more info for you: just CLICK HERE (and no worries, we'll have a link on the next page, so you can continue to learn more or register).

How does it work?

  • You register for the course (scroll down to register below).
  • You receive a “Bag of Brain Breaks” (sensory strategies), book, and handout packet via snail mail. After you register, we'll mail these to you (and you should receive them within a couple of weeks).
  • You’ll have unlimited access for three months to view the videos and access the Additional Resources.
  • Need a Certificate of Completion? Take the post-test and receive 20 contact hours.

Bag of Brain Breaks
We'll send you everything you need to help your "engine" run just right:

  • The Leader's Guide Book (course text),
  • Handout Packet with 50+ pages and a Module Tracking Checklist (to easily keep track as you view the video modules),
  • Hand Fidget Tools (so you can stay alert while watching the online course),
  • Seating Option (the kind you can buy for your child or client without a big budget!),
  • Mouth Whistles (a sample of the quiet kind that don't bother anyone's ears when kids blow them!)
  • We've thought of everything to make this an excellent learning experience, including experiential learning like we offer at our "live" trainings!
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Course Objectives:

  • 1

    Describe how to adapt the Alert Program® for use in a school, home, therapy, or community setting with an individual or group of individuals (any age from birth to elder care).

  • 2

    Interpret their own sensorimotor preferences thereby improving the ability to facilitate self-regulation in others (children or adults).

  • 3

    List new therapeutic/educational activities to support self-regulation appropriate for use in school, home, therapy, or community settings.

  • 4

    Identify novel methods for sharing sensory integration and Alert Program® basic concepts with others.

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What will I learn taking the online course?

You will learn how the Alert Program®'s framework can support children and adults, those who are typically or not so typically developing, as well as those who are verbal or non-verbal.

  • Parents and caregivers...

    Learn to support self-regulation for infants and young children (who are not developmentally able to independently self-regulate). For example, parents or caregivers learn how to help the child shift from a high to low state for falling asleep at naptime.

  • A teacher...

    Learns how to support preschool, elementary, middle, or high school students to attain an optimal state of alertness for attending, learning, and concentrating in classrooms. (And students can learn what they can do to self-regulate at homework time.)

  • A college student...

    Needs to know how to maintain an optimal state while studying and while taking an exam to demonstrate her knowledge. The Alert Program® teaches students (of all ages) how to change levels of alertness to meet a variety of situational demands.

  • Adults like you...

    Learn what they can do after lunch, for example, when their nervous systems are in a low alert state, yet they need to be productive at work. Or they feel lethargic in the morning but need to get up to start their day. The Alert Program® is helpful for all who are typically functioning since we “all have engines,” some of our engines just go a little higher and some need more help, but we all self-regulate.

  • Elders...

    Who may have dementia can be skillfully directed to use self-regulation strategies that decrease anxiety or agitation and help them participate in meaningful activities. Individuals of any age with behavioral or mental health issues can benefit from the Alert Program®. It is an approach that helps care givers to understand the importance of self-regulation.

  • An individual with autism...

    Who is non-verbal will benefit from guidance from a knowledgeable support team to help him self-regulate at school or at work in a community setting. Support team members learn how to be “detectives” so they can offer calming or alerting strategies. Those with high functioning autism often can learn how to be independent in self-regulation through the Alert Program®.

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International Online Course available

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Take it from your peers...
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"I was worried about how it would be to watch that many hours of video.  I should never have been concerned - you were both such interesting speakers and the section breaks [and Brain Breaks] really made it GREAT.... very informative and entertaining!"

"Fabulous! I have been in pediatric practice for 25 years and SI certified for over 20 years... This program refreshed my spirit, stimulated my mind, and fostered my creativity.  I look forward to working with my clients next week!"

All of Our Training Presented in Stunning HD Video

This isn't your average online course!

It's not slides and audio or boring material.

As you view the video modules, you'll feel as if you are at a "live" training and the authors are teaching you the program directly (in your home or work site).

Watch as they walk you through every step of the program and see the authors "in action" as they talk with children and adults, demonstrating how you can adapt the program for your setting. See video clips of those typically developing and those not so typically developing benefiting from the Alert Program®. Learn how the authors have helped those with sensory processing and learning challenges for 30+ years!

As if HD video modules weren't enough,
we've created a Slew of Additional Bonuses
only available through this Online Course!

  • More BONUSES! Additional Resources

    Not only will you be so impressed by the extensive and practical content in this Online Course, but at the bottom of each module page, you’ll find Additional Resources.  You are going to love the TONS of great websites, helpful articles, DIY sensory strategies, and so many more we don’t have room to list here. You can bookmark the Additional Resources for the future since these bonuses are available through the Online Course only!

  • BONUS: Technical Support Available

    Our friendly and knowledgeable tech support team is available but they don’t receive many questions. We take pride in that they are never very busy! And you’ll be pleased to know we tested the online course with over 500 participants already with almost no technological glitches. For your ease in viewing, we will include Tech Tips in your confirmation letter, along with phone and email contact info (just in case) to make your Online Course “easy, breezy!”

We know you want in on this one-of-a-kind online training!


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